Obama with a beard went viral on Social Medias. Photo gathered thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter

President Barack Obama was trending on social media the last few days but it wasn’t particularly about politics, wrote KGW.

A viral photo posted on Twitter showed the ex-president sporting a salt and pepper beard and sending many into a frenzy thinking President Obama finally joined the #BeardGang movement.

One user said, “WHAAAAAAAT?!!?! Obama grew a beard?”

Twitter user Wizdomisms said, “While folks are playing games, Obama’s out here infiltrating & dominating the whole beard gang and looking like “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” #StayThirstyMyFriends."

While many were infatuated with President Obama’s new look, there were some who knew it wasn’t real.

“I don’t like Obama with the beard he’s been given on Twitter. If he’s going to have a beard, give him a better one,” user Broderick Greer said.

The photo is indeed altered. The picture in question comes from a September 2017 speaking engagement where President Obama spoke at the Goalkeepers conference, organized by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Since leaving office more than a year ago, many have wanted President Obama to grow a post-presidential beard. He’s said throughout his time in office that it’s difficult for him to grow a beard and it’s the reason why he’s always cleanly shaven.

Men’s magazine GQ also dedicated an article during his last week in office titled, “Let’s Help Barack Obama Choose His Retirement Beard”. The article displayed various looks for the Hawaii native.

The beard photo has been heavily shared thousands of times between Facebook and Twitter.


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