Nursery for poor families opens in northern town of Glodeni

The small-income mothers from Glodeni town won’t have to send their kids to orphanages in order to be able to work. A nursery for kids aged from 4 months to three years will service the poor families for free.

"We’ve got 15 applications for 12 places. We have our criteria when we make the selection," said Glodeni mayor Stela Onuţu. 

"It’s an important social project to prevent infant abandonment and separation from parents," said UNICEF representative Margareta Tileva. 

The refurbishment and arrangement works cost EUR21,000 de euro and were performed by the NGO Copil, Comunitate, Familie.

UNICEF plans to open two more such nurseries in Criuleni and Bălţi, as five have already started working.

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