Number of women sexually harassed at work is increasing day by day

Tens of Moldovan women are sexually harassed at work, in public institutions and on the streets. Promo-LEX lawyers consider that the number of sexually harassed women is much bigger. The women refuse to make complaints to the police driven by the fear to lose their jobs and because of the prejudice.

“During 2 years only I received 10 complaints. Only three of them got the attention of authorities. Here is another problem, linked to the work field and the fact that is very difficult to find a job. This is an obstacle for filling a complaint to the police of Labor Inspection. The witnesses who might confirm the attacks are refusing to give testimonies because there are work colleagues of the victim” said Promo-LEX lawyer Dumitru Slusarenco.

According to lawyers, in most of the cases the assailants get away with it because of lack of audio, video, and photo evidence.

In comparison to countries of the European Union, in Moldova the phenomenon of sexual harassment is not monitored by the authorities.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not own any statistics regarding the number of complaints written by the victims of sexual harassment.

In the European Union 32% of the women are assaulted at work, and every 8th woman in the educational institutions.

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