Number of Moldovans pursuing higher education lessened in 2017

The National Statistics Bureau shows that the number of young men who are pursuing higher education dropped by 12% this year. At the same time, universities from Moldova become more and more attractive for foreign students. This year, their numbers rose by 10%.

The most popular faculty remains Law, where over 12% of candidates are registered. Followed by 8% at the Faculty of Business Administration, while close to 5% chose Accounting.

Least persons were registered in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary Medicine. Counting only 2% of the young people.

A similar amount of people decided to study at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics. At the same time, less than 5% chose Medicine.

In the academic year of 2017 - 2018, Universities from Moldova registered 4 100 foreign students. Most of them, over 49% are from Israel. While 33.5% come from Romania and 4% from India.

In 2017, Universities from Moldova admitted close to 70 thousand students. Last summer, around 20 thousand people gained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

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