Number of Moldovan infants lacking parental care is up

About two thousand children remain without parental protection annually in Moldova, as their parents a stripped of rights.

According to the Labor and Family Protection Ministry, the number is 100 up yearly, they main reasons being cruelty towards minors and the parents’ amoral conduct.

Following the deprivation, for example in 2015, over 1,800 kids were adopted. Over 10,000 benefited from guardianship, and 980 infants were placed in family-type orphanages.

Other about 1,200 minors benefited from services in boarding schools.

Last November, the Government endorsed a bill providing for sanctions for failing to carry out one’s duties of rearing and educating children. The parents found guilty may be fined up to 25,000 lei.

The bill is to be passed by the Parliament.

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