Number of car registered over 2017 slightly dropped

Nearly 4400 new cars were registered in Republic of Moldova last year. The number having slightly dropped compared to 2016, when 4850 new cars were registered. Just like in previous years, Dacia cars were the most popular. Data shows that over 920 new cars were of this brand, being followed by 662 Skoda cars registered in 2017.

Citizens of Moldova also favor Hyundai, having registered 550 cars last year. While fourth place is held by Toyota, with nearly 450 vehicles.

Less popular are Acura, GMC and Jeep cars, in 2017 being registered only one of each. In the first month of this year, 58 new cars were already registered. Among them, most, namely 15, are Dacia cars. The number being by one vehicle less than in January of last year.

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