Novac deputy pointed out how ACUM leaders manipulate people

Grigore Novac socialist says that Andrei Nastase and Maia Sandu tries to fool and manipulate the citizens. This happened after the ACUM deputies announced that they want to organize the session of the Parliament and only invited the socialists.

"This is a circus of Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. This is only a lie", wrote Novac.

Then, he pointed out why ACUM doesn't have the right to convoke the Parliament.

1. The so-called today's session was not convoked according to the law enforcement.

2. The call for extraordinary or special sessions to be convened shall be made in writing to the address of the Permanent Bureau, but as we all know, the Permanent Bureau has not yet been constituted, so here today's action of the NOW does not fall within the existing legal framework.

3. The request to convoke the an extraordinary session is not accepted unless they want to obey the No.37 regulation of the Parliament.


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