North of Moldova shaken by large hail. Known damages so far

Hail and winds shook the north of Moldova last evening. From the pictures posted on social networks it can be seen that the field is covered in ice.

Services of Emergency Situations will soon establish the damages the storm has done.

According to authorities from Şoldăneşti, Onişcani village, the hail has managed to destroy the roofs of a middle school, a hospital and of a few houses.

In Cobîlea it was reported that the element harmed 40 hectares of orchards and 21 hectares of soy.

In Chersac village, Teleneşti, the powerful wind has managed to tear off the roofs of a few houses.

While in Cunicea , from Floreşti, a farmer claimed to be deprived of at least 100 hectares of orchards. Another farmer, Dorin Diaconu, claimed to have been outside when the rain begun, soon followed by hail.

"The rain lasted for around 5 minutes, afterward hail for another 3 to 4 minutes. The sky was so dark, it was terrifying. Even elderly people told us that never before have they seen such a thing in those lands."

Meteorologists forecast rains with lightnings for the next few days.

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