Noisy, smoky, messy! Chisinau's pubs triggered locals' complaint upon tranquillity breaker

Several residents complain the neighborhood is no longer quiet due to two pubs in their block. Disturbing noise, smell of cigarettes and waste produced by the customers are annoying the locals. 

This issue came to Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu, who discussed with the block residents and the pubs' owner. Finally, the entrepreneur said he would try to meet the demands. 

The pubs work until midnight and revellers always make noise and especially do smoke, say locals. 

"People are always smoking and now they've improvised a toilet on the yard".

"Who allows this to happen in the city center?"

"Barbecue smell goes up to the other apartments. We have a high quality windows though, we still hear the noise".

"People always get drunk which poses a threat to everyone". 

The pubs administer undertook to meet people's requirements. 

"We had a legal place for smoking. We'll do everything in our possibility to meet the people's demands", said Vlad Şuleanschi, the pub administrator.

Additionally, the Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu warned if the entrepreneur fails to proceed their commitments, their activity authorization will be revoked. 

The pubs have been in operation since 2015. According to the legislation, the pubs located in the blocks are allowed to open only with neighbors' acceptance. 

In this case, the owner has all the signatures. 

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