Nobel-Prize winner Malala Yousafzai goes to British university

Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Prize winning activist who narrowly avoided being death after being shot by the Taliban, has revealed that she intends to study at a British university.

She told head teachers at the Association of School and College Lecturers annual conference on Saturday: "I'm in Year 13 and I have my A Level exams coming and I have received a conditional offer which is three As, that is my focus right now."

"I have applied to study PPE so for the next three years I will be studying that."

Ms Yousafzai had said she had also applied to study at Durham, LSE, and Warwick, which all make A*AA offers for PPE.

At Oxford, the standard offer is AAA. Ms Yousafzai did not reveal which college she had applied to, but previously said she had attended an interview at Lady Margaret Hall.

She also told the conference she would be juggling her studies with running the Malala Fund, an international charity which advocates for all girls to have access to 12 years of education.

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