No more queues in customs! 'Traffic Online' app launched

Border police released the application "Traffic Online" today, which helps to avoid crowds at the border.

So those who go abroad or come back home can see the average waiting time for entering and leaving the country.

The application is available on the website of the border police

The new application offers travelers the opportunity to choose a less crowded road. 

You only need Internet acces to reach it. So whether you are a car driver or a passenger, the app will show you how much time you will need to cross the border.

"The application can be accessed on the official site of border police. The information is actually an application that displays real-time information on the average waiting time at checkpoints for two categories: transport cars and trucks " , said press officer of the Border Police, Dorina Cebotari.

This information is updated hourly. In the application, crossing points are marked in three colors: green, yellow and red. They indicate border crowds.

"The green marked crossing points indicate a standby time of up to 30 minutes. Yellow points - 30 to 60 minutes and the red ones more than one hour waiting period", said Dorina Cebotari.

Drivers say that this app gives them the opportunity to choose a less crowded road:

"It is welcome for all drivers to be informed on the go and be able to plan your time on the road. That's good. We are happy."

"It's a very good app because there are many people crossing the border.With it's help you even know where to go, you can see bad roads to border or customs waiting time".

"You know how to manage your time, or what checkpoint to choose."

According to statistics, about four million people crossed the frontier crossing points in June and July this year, which is 13 percent more than the same period last year.

The most requested crossings remain Leuşeni-Albita, Otaci-Moghileov-Podolsk and Chisinau International Airport.

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