No more hold-up around Central Bus Station and Central Market

New traffic signs will be installed on Thursday to prevent the parking chaos around the Central Bus Station and Central Market. 

"The traffic signs guide very clearly the routes in this area. It shows us where we can park", said Sergiu Bucătaru, State Secretary of Economy Ministry. 

Meanwhile, patrol inspectors started streamlining traffic within the zone, which yields visible results. Drivers and pedestrians also claim this result. 

"The traffic is less busy. It should always be so. It used to be bottleneck here, we couldn't walk at all. Now everything is alright". 

The bus drivers can also observe the changes. 

"It' easier to pass, to enter, to leave the station". 

Taxi without license are also noticed by the police officers. 

"Taxi driver without license will risk fine", said Sergiu Baltaga, Deputy Head of Bus Station Control Directorate. 

Fine issued for taxes without license amounts to 12500 lei and deprivation of the right to drive for six years. 


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