Nisporeni farmers started working in vineyards. They use new technologies (PHOTO REPORT)

The farmers from Nisporeni use a modern technology to remove the dry branches of the grapevine. They say that this will provide a bigger harvest this year.

The vineyards are very crowded now, as the time provides good weather to start the work.

Vladimir Gligor from Siscani village started the work in his vineyard. In order to manage the work in time, he hired more workers.

"We cleaned four hectares and a half aready", said Vladimir Gligor.

The viticulturists say that the technology of cutting the grapevine is a very simple one.

"This is Ghiio system. We brought it from Germany."

Other viticulturists who finished the work started to take care about the sprouts. 

"One persons manages 5-6 rows in a day. Previously, it was harder to do this work", said Andrei Caldarau farmer.

Petru Cretu says he bought the new technologies from the Organization for Improving Small and Medium Companies.

"Everybody sets the remnants on fire", said Petru Cretu farmer.

The specialists advice the farmers to hurry up, because the plants are about to spit. Moldova has over 130 thousand hectares of vineyard.


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