Nisporeni City Day. Hundreds locals visit church to pray for health and peace in country

The inhabitants of Nisporeni celebrate today the City Day dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the first attestation of the locality. Because the event coincided with the Sunday Grand, in the morning, hundreds of people went to church to attend the service. The parishioners prayed for health and peace in the country.

People say they keep the traditions inherited from their grandparents. 

"It's a beautiful day in families and churches, it's all green. I's a good, beautiful holiday."

Also on this occasion, during the day, the district authorities will sign a memorandum of cooperation with the management of Ialomiţa County, and a concert will take place in the evening, organized by the local town hall with the support of Edelweiss Foundation.

On the stage will be Zdob si Zdub, the Italian artist Pupo, as well as the singer Inna from Romania.

Fireworks will brighten the city at the end of concert. 



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