Nine million lei rewarded to Chisinau Municipality officials

Officials from the Chisinau City Hall will be awarded. After long talks, the Municipal Council approved the allocation of nine million lei.

Thus, nearly 600 people will receive up to three extra salaries. In the initial list there were some names that no longer appear in  the City Hall's organization such as: Alexandru Fleaş, the former head of the Education Directorate, Oleg Poiata, from Transports, or Igor Gamreţki, who were previously dismissed. This aroused the dissatisfaction of some counselors.

"Look, we have some criminal cases here. Sorry, I can't raise my hand to favor these officials to receive money", said Ion Ceban, PSRM counselor.

"People are waiting for weeks to obtain documents and for years to get a draft decision," says PCRM deputy Vasile Chirtoca.

In the end, it was decided that officials involved in corruption would not receive bonuses. At the same time, the issue of supplementary remuneration and auxiliary staff has been raised.

"Let's think about the people who are waiting. It is the last day when we can make a decision on this," said PDM MP Liviu Oboroc.

Finally, the draft was voted unanimously. City Hall employees, who also came to the meeting, applauded the counselors.

"Thank you for this decision, you know that you really did the most beautiful winter holidays," said Valeriu Bogdan, the head of the Legal Relations Department.

"He had to make this decision a little earlier, from 2013, but better later than never."

The draft on awarding city officials was introduced on the agenda of the Municipal Council in May. For several months, the initiative has created disputes among local elected officials.

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