Nine candidates enrolled in contest for the post of judge at Constitutional Court

Nine candidates have enrolled in the contest for the post of judge at Constitutional Court. Their curriculum vitae were published on the website of Superior Council of Magistracy. According to blogger Eugen Luchianiuc, one of the candidates is aunt of Alexandru Machedon, PPDA politician.

On the institution website, the name of Tatiana Răducanu is also found in the list of candidates requesting the appointment as judge of the Constitutional Court. According to resume, she served as magistrate at CSJ, and Chisinau Court of Appeal. At the same time, Răducanu was a member of the SCM and chairman of the Board of Directors at the Legal Resources Center in Moldova. Blogger Luchianiuc writes that Tatiana Răducanu is the aunt of one of the PPDA leaders, Alexandru Machedon. Luchianiuc also posted a picture of the two.


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