Nightmare travel toward Otaci customs: Speed at 10km/h due to bad road (Photos)

Because of pits on the road to Otaci Customs, the drivers have to travel at ten kilometers per hour to reach the destination. 

In fact, the authorities announced that the Sokolani-Arioneşti road with a length of 31 kilometers would be repaired, however, the works were delayed. According to the Road Administration, the Italian company who won the auction cannot operate the works due to lack of equipment. 

The nightmare road challenges the patience of drivers. 

"It's not a road but a game, you cannot find anyway to drive the car. How can it be a national road, It's a shame!"

"Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians people also travel on this road, it's a shame to our country."

Emergency physicians admit that they are not transporting the patients in time because of the road. 

"We need to come to Rudi in 20 minutes but it takes us one hour!". 

Road repair is delayed for almost a year. The representatives of Soroca Road Enterprise say that they can not intervene since the road is under management of the Italian company who signed contract with State Road Administration. 

"We cannot do anything, we did not win the auction. The winning entrepreneur has to carry out the repair work, we can not intervene though we understand that we should, "said Vitalie Moraru, Soroca SA Roads.

Representatives of the Italian company were not found to provide details on this subject.

According to the State Road Administration, the entrepreneur risks a fine for delaying the works. The road repair R9 Şolcani-Arioneşti will cost 17, 9 million euros. The money was provided by the EBRD in the form of a loan and the works were to begin in December 2016 and should last for two years.

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