Night Sales in a Shopping Center from Chisinau attracted hundreds of customers

Hundred of people have flooded a commercial center from the Capital that have organized a night filled with sales. Customers could enjoy purchasing clothes, shoes, make up and accessories for small prices.

In order to attract as many persons as possible, the organizers held shows and raffles.

"We came for a simple diner, but decided to do a bit of shopping as well and look at that, we spent 1 500 lei and won 2 000" a raffle winner declared.

Retailers were ready to offer better prices for the event:

"We have an autumn- winter collection that is 20% off. While our summer and spring collections are 40% off. During cold season people prefer to purchase thicker sweaters."

Customers have fully used the sale to renew their wardrobe:

"A winter jacket. Yes they are sold at very good prices."

"This is a wonderful sale, compared to what other shops sell, it is very good."

Despite this, some customers left unsatisfied and complained of big prices:

"Some prices are exaggerated, but oh well, we purchased a few things."

"20% off is so so, for the cheapest item to be 600 lei it's not much."

The sales were available to midnight.

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