Nicu Popescu, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs's financial statement (DOC)

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, achieved last year salaries about tens of thousands Euros. In his statement of financial condition and personal interests it is shown that he doesn't have any real estate or movable property, while his family holds three apartments, a villa and a car, reports Ziarul de Gardă.

According to the source, in 2018 - 2019 period, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs received a cumulative paycheck of about 83 000 Euros from the European Union Institute for Security Studies and from the European Council for Foreign Relations. At this income was added his wife's salary from the Societe Generale Bank, in the sum of 15,7 thousands of Euros.

The Minister says that last year he also got a compensation worth of 1 400 Euros from the National Foundation of Political Science from Paris, 104 000 Euros as a 'contribution to the pension found' from the European Union Institute for Security Studies and also about 11 000 Pounds (about 12 000 Euros), obtained from leasing an apartment. 

Nicu Popescu has written in his financial statement and personal interests multiple real estates properties, which belong to his family though. Popescu declared three apartments and a villa of 105 m2. The Minister mentioned in the declaration a car of Suzuki Vitara model, bought in 2017 with 14 000 Euros, which belongs to his family. 
From the statement of financial condition, we also can find out that Nicu Popescu's family also owns multiple financial assets in the country and abroad. The Minister declared four bank deposits in which his family keeps 6 000 Pounds and about 145 000 Euros.

Nicu Popescu has worked as the Head of extended Europe Program of the European Council for Foreign Relations and as a university lecturer at the Political Studies Institute from Paris. According to his CV, he counseled 'high-level politicians, including presidents and foreign ministers'.

Popescu activated as a counselor of foreign politics and European integration problems in the Filat Government. It's the author of multiple publications and researches which aim foreign politics and the states under conflict zones.

You can see here Nicu Popescu's financial statement.
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