Nicu Popescu: Russian Minister Shoygu's visit to Moldova organized with legal deviations

There were legal deviations in the organization of the visit to Moldova by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu on August 24, Moldovan Foreign Affairs Minister Nicu Popescu announced this on the basis of information presented by Moldovan Ambassador to Russia Andrei Neguţa. The diplomat was recalled to Chisinau in order to discuss this topic. 

"The organization was imperfect. There were loopholes. That's why we need to hold this meeting", said Nicu Popescu in a press conference.  

In the event, Minister Popescu also presented the results of his visit to Ukraine and Russia. Previously, PM Maia Sandu put forward several objections to the visit of Minister Shoygu to Chisinau. Sandu insisted not signing any permission for the Russians'visit due to insufficient procedures taken regarding this visit, which surprised the Moldovan Defense Minister Pavel Voicu. 

In return, Pavel Voicu replied that the Russian delegation came to Moldova at the invitation of President Dodon. 


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