Nicolae Timofti: I told Plahotniuc afterwards that I was wrong

The ruling president, Nicolae Timofti, regrets the declaration made in regard to Vlad Plahotniuc, first vice president of PDM, that on his command are made cases on his family.

The head of state claims that he was misled and he made the declarations under the influence of emotions. He refers to the situation when the candidature of Vlad Plahotniuc was proposed for the position of prime minister. The affirmations were made by the president Timofti during an interview for the newspaper "Timpul".

Nicolae Timofti admitted that someone made pressures on him and later he had the proof that the information he owned was not true.

The ruling president claims that he was misinformed by someone very close, and afterwards he announced Vlad Plahotniuc about this.

The head of state told the first vice president of PDM that he wasn't right at that time and that politics is politics.

"It was a reference of mine to a specific pressure done by someone on me, on a threat that allegedly there are made cases on my family (it was about my son, actually). I made that declaration based on emotions. Later I had the proof that the information I had wasn't true, I was misled by someone very close, from reasons I don't want to expose publicly. I told Plahotniuc afterwards that I was wrong at that time and that politics is politics. I thought that it would be good if I could correct that error through a public declaration, like this interview. Furthermore, the information we are talking about was intensely speculated, was a subject for debates in the public space and got to the foreign ambassadors accredited in Moldova. maybe I took uninspired decisions and the time did not give my a sign yet... Not I don't realize, but if it will happen, I won't hesitate to make them right, to acknowledge that I regret them" declared Nicoale Timofti.

At the same time, at the end of his mandate, the president also acknowledges that he made other mistakes.

He mentions the fact that he had too much trust in some chiefs of institutions. He claims that he had to impose his point of view and maybe this way he could have avoided some situations, like the case of the banking system.

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