Nicolae Negru: ACUM-PSRM Kozak's alliance's promises mean nothing

The promises that members of Kozak PSRM-ACUM alliance make mean nothing. Today they might say something and the second day they will say the opposite of it. This statement belongs to Nicolae Negru editorialist. The journalist also wrote that Maia Sandu entered the trap of prime-minister office and the citizens will not forget who offered her this office.

Nicolae Negru Considers that Vlad Plahotniuc refused the conditions of Kozak. He didn't betray the country the way that Dodon did.

The journalist considers that Maia Sandu showed where does PSRM take their money.

The editorialist warns that the plan against Plahotniuc is a consequence to keep us in the "grey zone". This is a benefit of Moscow, kind of a "Molotov-Ribbentrop 2" plan.

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