Nicolae Esanu replies to Dinu Plangau: I invite you to test my integrity, in any form

Nicolae Esanu, an elected judge within the Constitutional Court of the Parliament, came with a reaction regarding the PPDA MP Dinu Plangau's declarations, who is expressing his 'disagreement towards the contest's objectivity and evaluation of the candidates'.

In this context, Esanu invited the PPDA MP or any other member of the Legal Commission, Naming and Immunity to initiate his integrity's testing.
'I saw that Mr. Plangau contests my nomination as a candidate for judge position within the Constitutional Court (CC), because he didn't have the chance to test candidate's integrity, including mine. I consider it a serious charge, which can compromise CC's confidence restoration. This problem cannot remain unsolved and I invite him or any other member of the Legal Commission, Naming and Immunity to initiate the testing of my integrity, in any form he would like to choose including broadcasting on any TV set, inviting any persons and using any methods and tools. If he wants, he can resort at the lie detection testing. I promise, if found that I am not a person of integrity, I will withdraw my candidacy', mentioned Nicolae Esanu, within a Facebook post.

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We remind that the former Minister of Justice, Vladimir Grosu, and the State Secretary of the Justice Ministry Nicolae Esanu, won the contest for the two judges positions within the CC of the Parliament. The announce was made the last evening on a social platform, by the MP Sergiu Sirbu, after the candidates sustained the interview probe in front of the Committee of legal Naming and Immunity.

Vladimir Grosu and Nicolae Esanu were selected from a 16 candidates and are following to be voted in the Parliament to be appointed. 

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