Nicolae Ciubuc: I will work to provide better living conditions to our citizens

Nicolae Ciubuc, former minister of Agriculture congratulated his colleagues and thanked his family for their support.

By taking stock of the past few months, I want to express my gratitude first to the family for unconditional support, to parents for continuous support and of course to thank colleagues for their professionalism and dedication. By adding the above, we have succeeded in a number of beautiful activities, including the attraction of projects funded by development partners, the promotion of policies in the areas of agriculture, regional development and the environment, as well as initiatives that are certain to be continued.

Thank you to the press, those who have watched the fairness of MADRM's work, and I appreciate that you have informed society of the policies that have been implemented.

But as any end is a new beginning, I will continue to invest my time and experience in improving the quality of life for the citizens of Calarasi and Ungheni districts, but also in promoting legislative initiatives that will contribute to the furthering of the European path. Big successes, dear colleagues, "said Nicolae Ciubuc, in a Facebook post.


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