Nice attack aftermath: France urges 'patriots' to enroll into police

The Frecnh government plans to "reinforce the presence" of the police and the army due to the recent attack in Nice, Minister Cazeneuve said on Saturday.

Currently, France has 12,000 volunteers serving in police reserve, with 3,000 of them assigned to the regular police and 9,000 within the national gendarmerie. The recruitment is traditionally aimed at former soldiers and people related with the army.

"I want to call on all French patriots who wish to do so, to join this operational reserve," Cazeneuve said.

Following his statement, gendarmerie posted details on the recruitment process on their website. The future reservists must be between 17 and 30 years of age, have the right physical and moral aptitude and go through military training.

Read more on Deutsche Welle.

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