New tourist attraction in southern Moldova

A new tourist attraction might appear soon in southern Moldova. A rural pension will appear around the only horse farms in our country.

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the project, developed by local and farm management, is 15 million lei. The authors of the initiative are now looking for sponsors.

In the Ceadir-Lunga village farm are more than 70 horses. The beauty of these animals is considered a touristic attraction.

Each horse is a source of pride for farm workers.

To cope with a possible flow of tourists near the farm a pension will be built.

Ceadîr-Lunga village people are looking forward to visitors from around the world.

According to statistics, in the first six months of the year 125,000 tourists rented the pensions. Over 70 thousand were our fellow citizens, and 55 thousand - foreign tourists.

Most guests are from Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

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