New swine fever case identified in Tudora village. Humane killing of animals to prevent outbreak

One more swine fever has been registered in Tudora village, Ştefan Vodă district. According to the National Agency for Food Security (ANSA), infection was confirmed as result of laboratory analysis.  

However, it's not new outbreak because there were 15 pigs dead of infection in locality near Palanca village. According to ANSA representatives, the animals became infected after they were fed meat debris from Ukraine.

Andrei Ciolac din satul Tudora a avut un porc de 70 de kilograme, care s-a îmbolnăvit. El a chemat medicul pentru a vedea ce are animalul, iar în urma analizelor efectuate, specialiştii au constatat că porcul este infectat de pesta porcină. Animalul a fost împuşcat, după care a fost ars şi îngropat.

Andrew Ciolac from Tudora village had a 70-kg pig that got sick and found infected of fever by specialist. The animal was shot, burned and buried.

"We had to prevent the infection. I shot him and bury him after burning", said local Andrei Ciolac.

After finding out about the outbreak, people in the village began to kill their animals and put them in the jar.

"All the people, when they heard that, began to kill the pigs. Even my son had a healthy pig, but he kill and throw away it"

This year, outbreaks of swine fever's been identified in Soroca, Edinet and Donduseni districts.

Since the beginning of November, over 250 kg of pork have been seized at customs crossings. From the beginning of the prohibition period, 25 October 2016 to the present, at the crossing points between Moldova and Ukraine were seized 7 thousand 600 kg of pork products.

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