New survey reveals what problems give Chisinau people headache

Poor quality of roads and sidewalks, problems with sanitation, public transport and corruption remain the priority of Chisinau locals, according to a survey on a sample of 1300 people during July 5-August 4. 

The data show that the top problems are: 

1. Quality of road (48%) and sidewalks (20%);

2. Problems with sanitation (33%);

3. Public transport (13%) 

4. Aspect of the city (15%);

5. Corruption (13%).

Meanwhile, most citizens feel pleased with the gasification and water supply centralized system. 

However, the people know little about local officials. 64% of survey participants don't know who are municipal counselors and only 26% say that they are informed the activities of Municipal Council, 36% about Chisinau City Hall activities. 

23% of participants say they will probably cast their vote in local elections, 60% say definitely. 

38% say the problems remain unresolved. Others say the officials are working slowly, that it exists bureaucracy, negative attitudes. 

Half of them say the officials need to be pro-European. 




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