New scandal with a construction company appeared in Buiucani sector

Woke up with a changed roof, and now it rains in the house. The owners of a house in Buiucani sector affirm that a construction company, building a hotel nearby, has repaired their roof without their consent.  Because of this, the walls and the roof are full of cracks.

On the other side, the company representatives affirm that all the works were coordinated with the woman.

Lilia Isac says that the roof was changed while she was abroad, and there was no one at home.

The owners also say that because of bad construction works, during rains the water gets into the house, and the walls started to crack.

Also, through the bedroom and bathroom windows you can see only the walls of the construction.

The representatives of the company say that the change of the roof was coordinated with the owners.

The owners of the home have called the police, who opened an investigation on this case.

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