New revelation: Fugitive Usatîi had close connections with thief in law Druţă and killer Vitalie Proca

Fugitive Renato Usatîi had close connections with the thief in law, Ion Druţă, known as Pisateli and killer Vitalie Proca. To those two people he entrusted the murder of Russian businessman Gherman Gorbunţov. Details and proofs of the crime were published by, who also show how Usatîi  used Proca in order to cover his tracks.

The home address from London of the Russian banker was given to the assassin by Renato Usatîi himself, fact confirmed by Pisateli.

"-Who gave you Gorbuntov's address from London?

-Renato, through Ghena's godfather".

Eight months later, in November 2012, an attempted murder shocked Bucharest. The criminal was the same as in London, Vitalie Proca. The sole difference was that this time, the killer entered the country with his own passport and not a fake one.

Once the investigators from both UK and Romania established that they are looking for the same person, Renato assisted him into fleeing and hiding in Moscow.

Vitalie Proca was arrested in a subway on 6th of February. The case mentioned that it was Renato Usatîi initiative to let him be caught, as it worked in the favor of his benefactors. Following, when  Gherman Gorbunțov's attorneys decided to get in contact with Proca, Usatîi understood that his name might be mentioned and decided to extradite him to Romania.

For a year now, Renato Usatîi is wanted by the Interpol for attempted murder of Gherman Gorbunțov and suspected of having a hand in the killers fate. Usatîi fled to Moscow where he is hiding till present.


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