New provisions on electronic declaration of goods, subject to public consultations

The Customs Service is in the process of reviewing and optimizing the declaration in electronic form. The members of the Advisory Committee of Customs and representatives of relevant public authorities have read the changes related to this procedure, and the new conditions of clearance provided in a draft order on December 16th.

The need for review of electronic declaration procedure is determined by the significant increase in the share of exports electronically, which represents 98% of total exports.

The electronic import is used in approximately 20% of import transactions. However, the electronic declaration form is proposed to be extended to other destinations with modernizing customs information system based on Integrated Customs World software applied.

New amendments are conditional and institutional reorganization, in which electronic customs posts were abolished and their powers were transferred to internal customs posts. 

The draft order provides economic operators to submit the declaration for export from any existing internal customs, regardless of the area where they operate, without the requirement to obtain permission duty to another office. However, customs posts are established for each region of the country, where operators will be able to export customs clearance of goods while working 24/7.

Attending the meeting, the General Director of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie said that the Customs Service will continue to identify and take measures to facilitate the trade, so as to promote a competitive environment for economic operators in good faith.

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