New protest of DA, PAS, PLDM came to grief in Ungheni. 'Maia Sandu, in the garbage'

Protest by DA, PAS and PLDM failed again in Ungheni. They organized a rally in the city center, but they were opposed by the locals. These images were sent to Publika editorial. 

People have chanted slogans against PAS and PPDA leaders:

"Maia Sandu, in the garbage! One, two, Maia Sandu, in the garbage!

On Friday, the PAS supporters organized a protest in Soroca where booing also came from the locals. 

"One, two, one, two, Maia Sandu in the garbage."

Protest by DA, PAS and PLDM in Nisporeni was scandalous a week ago. The locals were disappointed that the politicians came to organize a demonstration for electoral purposes rather than listening to their problems, as it was originally announced.

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