New promises. Candidates for mayor office presented their priorities

The SOR and Socialist candidates for Chisinau mayor office presented their priorities at the elections program.

Ion Ceban, PSRM candidate says that if he becomes mayor, he will make an integrity test to all the City Hall employees.

"All the municipal employees are suspected of bribery and will be verified. There will be elaborated a new structure of the City Hall", said Ion Ceban, socialist candidate.

Ceban couldn't say where will he get the money for the reforms. Reghina Apostolova from Sor party promised she will provide social pharmacies and stores.

"Each retired resident of the Capital will receive 1000 lei monthly. For their first child, the residents will pay 7 000 lei and for the second one 10 000 lei", said Reghina Apostolova, candidate for the mayor office of the Capital.

Till the present moment, six candidates for the local elections from the Capital were registered at CEC. Ther registration will take place till April 19, while the elections will take place on May 20.

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