New playground for children of Mileștii Mici built by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss"

Children from Mileștii Mici, Ialoveni were pleasantly surprised with a new playground, first of its kind, build by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss" within their project  "Satul Viitorului" ("Village of the Future").

"-Three, two, one! Cut it, cut it! Good Job!

-Thank you!"

The place where the new playground stands used to be an empty field, the children having to invent their own games. Now they cam play on swings or slides.

"I used to play on the stadium and didn't liked it very much. Now I will come here every evening and bring my little brother along."

"I like the green slide, the yellow slide, the swings and the wheel."

"I love it. There are swings and slides and it is beautiful."

Parents are also pleased, as the playground is surrounded by a fence, so they can rest assured that the children are safe.

"This is a welcomed gift for our village. We thank "Edelweiss" for it."

"If we make sure that children can spend more time outside, we invest in their health, their future and the welfare of local families."

The playground is meant to fit around 600 children.  The authorities already plan to to build another one.

"We plan to build another playground in Piatra Albă village not far from here. There are two preschools nearby", Mayor of Mileștii Mici, Lilian Caramanu declared.

The new playground from Mileștii Mici is worth 200 thousand lei, money given by  Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss".

"This place is filled with happiness, with smiles and we leave here with a stronger determination to do more good things for the children of Moldova" CEO of  "Edelweiss", Lidia Cucoș stated.

Within "Satul Viitorului" ("Village of the Future") project, five villages have won a grant of 200 thousand lei, money which will be further used for the locals necessities. One of the project's winner, Văleni village have used the money to build a pavilion for residents.

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