New piece of art decorates the Capital. Sculpture of two lovers installed in Valea Morilor Park

A sculpture of two lovers can now be admired in Valea Morilor Park from the Capital. The piece of art, cast in bronze, represents the face of the author and his lover, who is on a skateboard, accompanied by a dog.

Petru Glavan and Pavel Obreja, are two Art students and have worked for six months to create the sculpture, being guided by their teacher.

"It is an autoportrait, of the author and his lover. It is, of course, a bit stylized. It urges young people to lead a healthy life. The dog accompanying them. A loyal being" Vasile Sitari, professor at Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, declared.

People who come to the park to spend their free time do not hesitate to take pictures near the sculpture and claim it makes the alley more beautiful.

"It is a beautiful statue, showing the love between two people. A man and a woman, especially the way the dog watches them. It is placed well."

"Many European countries have such sculptures and we are glad. I have been abroad many times and have seen many interesting statues. People seems to be drawn to such things."

"It is beautiful. Something new for our country. It does not disturbs people in any way. A beautiful new sculpture."

The expenses for this work were paid by a company manufacturing beer. Recently, in Chisinau, appeared many modern sculptures in public places. One of them can be seen on Eugen Doga pedestrian zone, illustrating the moment two lovers meet. While last year, on 31 August St. was installed a sculpture of two children watching a cat spying on some doves.

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