New measures to support elders approved by Cabinet of Ministers

The action plan for the implementation of active ageing principle for 2018 - 2021 was approved today by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Achieving those measure will contribute to the integration of elders in social, economic and cultural life, inclusively implicating local administration more actively in offering the necessary support for this category of the population. 

Activities included in the Plan are oriented to improve the standard of living and health of elders. For this, is foreseen to strengthen budgetary sustainability of social protection and social assistance programs, as well as those of health meant for elders. At the same, it foresees active implication of elders in the labor market and ensuring access to quality professional qualification services for those over 55. Other aim are regarding lessening the active ageing value and increasing the number of elders participating in decision making.

When elaborating new actions were taking into consideration both the evolution of population ageing, as well as results of the action Plan examination for the implementation of a Program for integrating ageing problems in politics.

All expenses required for the realization of the Plan will be covered by the state budget, as well as resources offered by development partner.

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