New-look sports complex Chisinau Arena voted in final reading

The construction of Chisinau Arena was discussed today at the Parliament. The project was voted in the final reading by 59 deputies.

Accordingly, the land will change its status from agriculture terrain to a ultramodern sport complex. 

Chisinau Arena will be build on 10 hectares, on a piece of land near Stăuceni commune. 

The construction of the ultra-modern complex will help athletes improve their performance, say the project authors. 

Opposition MPs criticized the initiative, being dissatisfied with the location chosen for the sports complex.

"From Stauceni, the flow of transport comes at a very slow speed, with great delays. That part of the road is very narrow and loaded, the volume of transport that you want to attract will not come," said PCRM deputy Oleg Reidman

"Any success and achievement of the authorities only annoy you. I am sorry to note this. For 25 years since the independence of Moldova no authority has taken responsibility for implementing such an initiative," said PDM deputy Cornel Dudnic.

The construction will cost to 50 million Euro, most of the expenses being covered by investors. 

The complex will be able to hold nearly 5 000 people, host various sports events,conferences, exhibitions, concerts while its yard will have 1 200 parking lots. The arena will be mobile, while the stands flexible.

Construction works could begin in the middle of summer, but only after an international auction will be held. Chisinau Arena will be build in around one year, within a public - private partnership.



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