New law to control non-banking loans activity

The law project which refers to non-banking loans, which follows the developing of the non-banking lending and financial leasing, through preventing the risks in the system, increasing the access to the financial resources of the physical persons was approved by the government.
The project assures the conditions protecting the creditors and costumers rights and interests.

Particularly, it is provided to offer approval before the registration in the State Register of the juridical persons and the registration in the Register of the non-banking lending organizations which are authorized by the National Commission and the Financial Market.
Another decision refers to the minimal request of social and proper capital. This way, the organizations can be obliged to have and to maintain their own capital. In any other time, minimally 5% to the actives` value.
Also, the project makes some requirements to the administrators. They force making the audit of the financial situations of a whole year, by the audit association whose balance  sheet is more than 25 millions lei.

Nowadays, more than 130 organizations of microfinancing activate on local market. During the 2016 year their actives raised with approximately 30%, making  4.7 milliards lei .

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