New law of state control respects rights of costumers and economic agents

''We don't need statistics of thousand state controls that were made till the end of 2015, but we need to have a normal number of controls, that will help to assure the right of the costumer and the rights of economic agents'', said Octavian Calmic, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure within a Press release according to the reorganization, optimization and creating the institutions with control functions.

The Government improved the normative and legislative system who regulates the state control for the efficiency of it, to decrease the number of controls and institutions of the control, to assure the protection of the costumer and to decrease the pressure upon the affairs.

Thus, through the approval of the 185/2017 law there were accorded legislative acts that regulated the control activity in the structure of the control institutions, the implementation of the procedural reform- minimum of documents, maximum transparency. In this context, through the procedures of the reform there are: limitation of the number of documents within the controls, the planning of the control for a whole year, the limitation of a sudden control and a consultative character for the state controls.

In the same order, the restrictive measures will be applied in accordance with the level of the violations only in the terrible cases. The disproof of the acts can be made in the instance or only within the Councils of solving them within the control instance, where there will be the representatives of the affairs. At the same time, there will be established the right of the entrepreneur to address at the Court, without a previous procedure.

Also, the control process will be digital. There will be a priority, the electronic documents that were created and saved in the State Catalog of the controls.

Octavian Calmic, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure announced about the initiation of a checking campaign of many economic agents according to the fulfilling the rights of the costumers in accordance with the quality of the services, the quality of the products. ''An informative campaign not only  for the economic agents, but also, for the verification of the respecting the law.'' ''We will have a big program of communication with the economic agents and to take care of them and the costumers.''

''The control campaigns are preventive announces, for the economic agents to have time to check their activity. Thus, the pressure of the affair surrounding will be avoided, because nobody wants penalization and fines. Anyway, they won't tolerate the violation of the laws, the services, the treating of the customers'', mentioned Octavian Calmic.

Within the Campaign there will be checked the entrepreneurs of the national markets and all the sphere of correct utilizing of the measuring ways, of the Peco stations, taxi services, cell-phones and the alimentary products, especially those distributed to schools.

''We mention that after the reorganizing, the optimization and the new institutions of control (from 70 institutions remained 13) that will assure a functional, institutional system, optimized and consolidated in all the domains, according to the state control of the entrepreneurish activity that doesn't involve additional costs in the state budget, but in the budged that is already approved for the 2017 year'', added the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

According to the 230 law from September 2016, for the modification of some acts from November 1, 2017 there were approved the Government's decision nr.886-889 that promoted the necessary modification to the optimization of the structure of the control institutions: National Agenda for the Aliments Safety, Agency for the protection of costumers and Market Control, National Agency for Public Health, National Agency for the Quality of Professional Education, National Agency of Transportation, Marine Agency, State Inspectorate of Labor, Custom Post Service, Fiscal Service and National Center for the Protection of the Personal Information.


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