New governing alliance has made a bad start by promoting it's relatives in functions

The new governing alliance has made a bad start by promoting it's relatives in functions, and now they try to get away with it. This time is about the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu, who apparently gave up on naming relatives in important state institutions functions.

The PSRM-ACUM alliance exponent announced on a social-media platform about Andrei Popov's resignation from the function of the Minister of Foreign Affairs office chief and will continue to activate within the civil society. A few days after naming Andrei Popov, Nicu Popescu pointed out that the decision was a transitional one.

Although, previously, he didn't specify such a thing. More than that, Andrrei Popov said within a talk-show at a private television that his naming was a legal one and praised himself for necessary skills to  handle this post, without mentioning this post to be a temporary one.

Also, Popov told in details how he got this function from his godson.
'He come from France with his backpack, I helped him, and from a meeting to another, telephone, powerbank, I realized that I can be of help. Nicu said: What if we worked together? I answered quickly 'yes'.

-The fact that you are relatives is not disturbing you?

-No', said the Strategic Initiative Institute president, Andrei Popov.

In this context, PDM requests the PSRM-ACUM alliance to stop promoting relatives in functions through a total lack of transparency, breaking their own commitments like never promoting relative in functions of state institutions.
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