New Fire Station opened in Başcalia village

A new fire stations was yesterday opened in Başcalia village, Barasabeasca.

It was established after local authorities were supported by Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service.

6 firefighter will not be responsible for the security of  Bașcalia and Cioc Maidan.

The event was attended by deputy chief of Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service, Alexandru Oprea, who underlined the importance of such stations for the safety of citizens.

The necessity of Firefighters was also mentioned by present local authorities, as well as deputy from Moldovan Parliament, Dumitru Diacov.

For the station to be always ready, Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service has offered a fire engine.

Civil Firefighter has the chance to be trained by professionals, to be able to assist in exceptional situation.

According to the information offered by Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service, 38 new stations were opened all over the country, that can offer assistance prior to the arrival of professional teams.

According to the program of consolidating firefighting and rescue services in rural areas, 100 more stations will be opened.

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