New face of Organ Hall in Chisinau, whole restoration of building will be finished till end of 2017

The Organ Hall in Chisinau was renovated. The first results can be already seen by the passers-by, as the skeletons were removed. 

On the building there will be eight lei in bas-relief and the basement is almost ready.

''The wall from the wardrobe was saved from the last century. When the plaster was removed, there were discovered some fireplaces. We decided to leave them and the auditory will admire them'', said Larisa Zubcu, the director of the Organ Hall in Chisinau.

The Government of Romania donated a million euros for the reconstruction of the building that involved 40 workers.

''There are specialists who fulfill the restoration works. It is about the Romanian team, who are good qualified in what they do'', said Ion Stefanita, the director of the Monument Restoration Agency.

The building already captures the passer-by's attention.

The building of the Organ Hall in Chisinau was built in 1901 and is a historical monument of Capital.




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