New evidence revealed within Ciocana fire of last night case. Residents of block of flats didn't suffer (VIDEO)

A flat from the Capital caught fire last night. The flat was at the fifth floor of a 12 floors block of flats. The owners of the flat weren't at home when the fire started. The rescues refused to offer details.

The owners of the other flats were evacuated, as they risked to be gun intoxicated:

"I didn't hear anything, I was sleeping. A neighbor called me and told that a flat caught fire."

"I got scared, I took the passports and run outside."

18 rescues extinguished the flames in less than 30 minutes.

"After the fire, the goods from a flat were damaged. After the intervention, all the persons were evacuated and none of them suffered", said Ghenadie Daniliuc, the chief of DSP Ciocana.

All the circumstances of the fire will be established.

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