New Emergency Care Unit at hospital from Hânceşti

The hospital from Hânceşti  received a new Emergency Care Unit. The section was renovated and gained new equipment. The construction works cost over 35 000 euro and lasted three months.

Varvara Stempovschi is working for nearly 50 years as cardiologist at the hospital from Hânceşti. She claims that in those new conditions, patients will receive better treatment.

"Intensive therapy, medicine, equipment, all of those help save the lives of patients in critical state" cardiologist Varvara Stempovschi said.

"Emergency care will be offered here to patients brought in by ambulance, as well as by relatives, or even those who came by themselves" deputy director of Regional Hospital from Hânceşti said.

Even patients enjoy the new conditions. They are glad that they will now receive proper care.

"It creates a good image: good doctors, clean building, discipline in the workplace."

The section was renovated with the financial support of Romania. 32 000 euro were offered by authorities from Prahova county, while another 3 200 euro by Hânceşti Regional Council.

"This is the third project which  Prahova county is implementing in Hânceşti. We are thankful for how it looks" vice-president of Prahova County Council, Romania, Ludmila Sfârloagă declared. 

"By renovating the Emergency Care Unit, the time needed for a doctor to assist a patient reduced, if in the past it was an average of 15-20 minutes, now it is of 2-3 minutes" president of Hânceşti district, Ghenadie Buza explained.

After the renovation, the unit also received the latest equipment. It was purchased within a Moldovan-Swiss project and cost over 2 million lei.

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