New "Edelweiss" Foundation edition for mums to be: Helping mothers relax and enjoy time with their little ones

Mothers-to-be and little ones have gathered today at the new event for mothers. During the event organised by Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" Foundation, all mothers have tried sweets, have watched their little ones dancing and the mums-to-be have received a box full of gifts. 

"We organize this types of event for four years already and our goal is help the mothers-to-be rest a little while listening to some useful information to grow healthy children. Thank you very much to the Edelweiss Foundation for always supporting the organization of these types of events" , said Dorina Osipov.

For several mums, these events are an escape from the daily life which charges them with energy. 

"I came to listen to some useful information and to socialize with different people."

"I came for the third time already with my boy"

"My family has grown this year, so here we are again. It's all very new and exciting. "

"It has already became a habit. I gather a lot of information."

The event is a project for all mothers, supported by Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation. 


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