New dropout from fugitive suspect Renato Usatii’s party

A district councilor has dropped from the ranks of the party of the fugitive criminal suspect Renato Usatii in the northern district of Ocnita.

He says he has lost the trust in his party colleagues. Petru Cojocaru has announced in a declaration Partidul Nostru is used by Usatîi as a tool to make scandals.

He says he is unsatisfied with some party members, who are violent and threaten the ones leaving the party.

Earlier this week, 17 mayors and councilors from the northern district of Făleşti had left the party led by the fugitive criminal Renato Usatîi.

They say their party boss has forgotten the citizens’ problems and focuses only on political scandals, and the criminal probes he is envisaged in creates a negative image to the entire party.

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