New development opportunities, AIPA offers up to a million lei for rural pensions

The state offers new development opportunities for the agriculture. The Agency of Intervention and Payments for Agriculture will subsidize each affair from the tourism sphere with a million lei. This year, a pension from Puhoi village, Ialoveni district submitted the folder. The owner who invested over five million lei says it was easy to prepare the folder, because he has all the documents that prove the sums of the costs.

''We invested in everything, starting with the floor, plaster, construction materials, desks, chairs, glasses and plates'', said Svetlana Macarenco, the accountant of the pension.

The administrator says the money he will receive from the state will be invested in the development of the hotel, because the number of the tourists raises from year to year.

''This support is very important and our task is to use it as efficiently as possible. We want to show the authentic Moldova, with its traditions and people, with the village lifehood'', said Andrei Sarbu, the director of the pension.

''This measures involves the payment of 50% of the costs form the development of a touristic unit. This will develope the agrotourism as a ecomomic domain'', said Nicolae Ciubuc.

The visitors of the pensions say the rural tourism is a possibility to attract foreign tourists and to create new work places in villages.

''Here they can meet the Moldovan spirit and the taditional food.''

''I think it would be very interesting for the foreign tourists.''

The spokesmen of AIPA says that this year many pension owners didn't manage to prepare the folders, as the regulations came into force in June and the deadline was on October 31.

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