New details revealed in case of Anastasia Cecati. Alexei's relatives confessed that she extorted money from him

New details revealed in the case of actress Anastasia Cecati, who was murdered by her husband. The lifeless body of the 34-year-old man was found near an apartment block.

The apartment, from where the victim supposedly fell, police officers managed to find his wife, who was also deceased. The 31-year-old woman had her throat slit. In another room, officers managed to find their 20 days old infant, who was taken to Hospital No. 1 from Chisinau.

The man's relatives declared that Anastasia demanded that her husband opened in her name a dental clinic in Dubai.

At the same times, relatives claim that the model forbade Alexei from visiting their child, demanding a fee of 1 000 euro for each visit. They also revealed that Alexei has purchased a visit before committing the crime.

On the tragic day, Alexei bought clothes for his daughter and along with his mother, went to visit the infant.

Relatives also claim that Alexei attempted to open a dental clinic in Dubai for his wife, but failed.

Alexei met Anastasia in a dental clinic from Râşcani sector. He declared to his friends that it was love at first sight.

Anastasia Cecati was a known model. She begun her career at 16, later leaving for Bucharest, where she received a role in the TV show "Las Fierbinți". Also in Romania, Anastasia Cecati also ranked second in the contest Euro Sexy. Her modeling career continued after she appear in some renown magazines, such as GQ, Playboy and Maxim. She can also be found in a video clip of DJ Basshunter "Crash and Burn".


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