New details on laundromat: Veaceslav Platon washed out impressive amounts of money through intermediary

New details showing the involvement of CIS no.1 raider, Veaceslav Platon, in the Russian laundromat has appeared. 

Journalists on the wrote that he had washed impressive amounts of money from Russia through intermediary and demanded in Ukraine the property rights on companies. 

Eight years ago, Vizalot Limited company in Bahamas offered to pay a $200 million fictitious debt to a ghost company in the UK. Two Russian companies and Moldovan Valentin Ceban appeared as fiddlers. It was included in the Platon scheme, only that the trial would take place in our country.

Thus, a year later, magistrate Igor Vornicescu from the Chişinău District Court, Râşcani, issued an order for the debt to be collected for the British company Ronida Invest. The money was to be received from the Bahamas company, but in reality the amount was paid by the Russian companies.

Two years ago, Valentin Ceban appeared as director and shareholder of Bahamas Vizalot Limited company. He told the journalists at that he knew nothing about this firm. Asked if he has links with Veaceslav Platon, Valentin Ceban said he does not want to answer this question.

At the same time, also writes about another person - Oleg Cervatiuc, who is also the owner and director of a company in Bahamas Plani Limited.

The company has been involved in Ukrainian lawsuits on property rights over Ukrainian companies.

In 2013, Oleg Cervatiuc was elected as a reserve of Victoriabank's board of directors, then controlled by Platon. He was presented as head of the economic and financial department of the Stafinserv company, to which founder and administrator is Aliona Stașevskaia, one of Platon's trustworthy people.

The CIS no.1 raider was sentenced to 30 years of first instance jail in two cases: one for bank fraud at Banca de Economii and the other for a scam attempt at a particularly large scale and bribery. Recently, the website has written that Veaceslav Platon is the architect of the Laundromat and Billion Theft.

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