New details in case of two men from Capital accuse of manufacturing and trading over 3 thousand ecstasy pills

Two men from the Capital were taken into custody for manufacturing, possessing and trading over 3 thousand ecstasy pills.

During house searchers officers have managed to find and seize: 2 revolver guns, one  pen gun, 80 handcuffs, an"F1" grenade, 20 grams of amphetamine, 20 ecstasy pills, 180 grams of XLR-11 drugs, 5 grams of marijuana, a digital pocket scale, cell phones used to commit the crimes. 

PUBLIKA reminds that the two men, of 23 and 32-year-old were detained at the end of last week. After house searches were performed officers have found and seized:

  • 4 kg of Hydroponics drugs;
  • 3 000 Ecstasy pills;
  • 2 kg of XLR-11 drugs;
  • 1 kg of Cocaine;
  • 200 grams of Amphetamine;
  • Money gained from drug trade, amounting to 10 thousand lei;
  • Equipment for manufacturing and consuming drugs;
Police officers continue to investigate the case.

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